At Rollin’ 253 Skate & Community Center, we live by and believe in our 5 CORE VALUES:

1. Doing Good

A generous spirit, a willingness to help, a soft heart. Someone who donates their time, their expertise, their money for people in need.

2. Polite & Respectful

Your first reaction when you see people is to smile, nod, shake hands, say thanks, open doors, etc. when interacting with bosses, co-workers, subordinates, vendors, customers, and anyone else. You’re generally positive, you don’t complain a lot, and you listen more than you speak.

3. All-In

We move in a single direction, like a river. We often have healthy debate and seek different opinions while we make decisions about policies and procedures. But once a decision is made, ALL employees and managers sign on 100% with enthusiasm and effort. We don’t complain, whine, roll our eyes, or go solo. All in!

4. Honest

You follow procedures, admit when you make mistakes, and tell the truth even when it is uncomfortable. You handle money accurately, you keep confidential information confidential, and you protect both customers and employees. No one questions your honesty.

5. Never Satisfied

You aren’t the type to clock in and go home with important things unfinished. You notice details that customers might not. You do things the right way even when it takes longer. You are constantly finding ways to improve. You welcome measurables, set goals high and work to hit them.

If you share our values and would like the opportunity to join our team, please respond below and attach your resume. We look forward to meeting you!


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